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Welcome to Kirishima Kokusai Hotel.
There are natural hot spring, delicious meal, comfortable Guest Room at our hotel.
Please enjoy stay in Kirishima to heart's content to think of.

Nature is rich, and Kirishima of Kagoshima is sightseeing spot which can enjoy splendid scenery. The outskirts of Mount Kirishima are appointed in first Japanese national park.
High quality SPA gushes out abundantly at our hotel. This is blessings of nature from Mount Kirishima. We will take a bath to SPA. Surely fatigue of body and heart is healed.
We use local fresh ingredients for meal of hotel. Please enjoy the best stay in comfortable Guest Room with cleanliness.

Guest Room

At our establishment, we have premium rooms with splendid vistas, in western-style, Japanese-style, and mixed-style layouts.
Please choose the style and room size that you like best.

On our highest floor are our premium rooms, complete with a viewing terrace. The view from the rooms are spectacular, and on clear days you can see all the way to Sakurajima Island. You can also see the steam rise from the mountains, a definitive factor in a hot spring area.

Our 130 bedrooms come in various sizes and in three types: western-style, Japanese-style, and mixed-style layouts. Our facility can accommodate as much as 530 patrons at any given time.

EEach room has both a restroom, a shower, and/or bath. Other amenities include essentials such as towels, toothbrushes razors, soap, as well as a Japanese-style yukata that is free for you to make use of.
Plaase enjoy Japan's hot spring-style of bathing in our onsen and wearing yukata.


Hot spings have a very positive effect on your health.
You can take a dip in our outdoor hot spring, our giant public spring, or our steam bath.

Hot springs, simply put, are a present to us from Nature herself. At the foundation of our hotel lies the source of our water, the "Maruo Hot Spring." This is one spring that has been created from Kirishima's volcanic region.

"Maruo Hot Spring's" water cleanses and beautifies one's skin. In addition, it also helps with gastro-intestinal disorders, nerve damage, cuts, skin conditions, rheumatism, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.

We fully recommend that you try out our outdoor spring, which will provide you with an exquisite view of the surrounding forest. This spring will make you feel the best you've ever felt in years!
We also have natural steam baths, and wood and stone saunas as well. For our female patrons, we highly recommend our popular mud bath, which works wonders for your skin.


Food of hotel employs a lot of fresh ingredients of Kagoshima. Please taste special banquet dishes to be able to taste only here.

Kagoshima of warm climate is place that a lot of delicious ingredients can harvest. With dinner of hotel, we can taste special banquet dishes which we fully used Kagoshima and ingredients of Kirishima for.

Japanese style course Food "banquet dishes" use many kinds of ingredients. It is colorful and is served beautifully and is Food to be able to enjoy visually. We taste many kinds of Food from "Sakizuke" of appetizer in turn.

In addition, in Kagoshima that is harvested a lot of sweet potato, it is famous as production center of liquor called "shochu" made from this potato. There is "shochu bar" that dozens of kinds had shochu at hotel.


Mountain "Takachiho" where God got down on. Scenery of magnificent nature. Solemn Shinto shrine "Kirishima Jingu Shinto Shrine."
There is a lot of highlight around Kirishima.

Kirishima is very stimulating and is sightseeing spot with much highlight.
Magnificent nature exists without changing in the outskirts from the ancient times. Nature fuses with the history and myth here.

One of the Shinto shrines which are famous in Japan is "Kirishima Jingu Shinto Shrine". It is in place of 15 minutes by car from Kirishima Kokusai Hotel. Grandchild of God who made Japan, "Niniginomikoto" are enshrined in this Shinto shrine. Legend that this God went down in Takachiho from heavens is left.

Mount Kirishima is active volcano. There is ecosystem of magnificent scenery and the precious animals and plants. Much mountain climbing visitors come as trekking course at popular place.


Distance of approximately 30 minutes includes Kirishima Kokusai Hotel by car from Kagoshima Airport.
Bus, taxi, movement by rent-a-car are convenient.

Kirishima hot springs has our hotel. It is hotel which is convenient for sightseeing of Kirishima Jingu Shinto Shrine and trekking of Mount Kirishima.

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